Monday, May 16, 2011

Motivational Monday


There are a lot of facets to making a team. Whether it be in sports or in the business world including real estate, teamwork is the key to success.  If your team isn’t playing together your company is not going to be as successful as it could be. The best way to start building that team is to trust in your teammates and work with them to build their trust in you.  In real estate our team mates are our office mates, buyers and sellers, service providers and co-operating brokers.  It all of the people who are involved in a real estate transaction.  Not one person more important than the other.

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Share your knowledge and advice and accept theirs and consider collaboration and cooperation.  That means be forthright and work together for the greater good which would be to do what is needing to be done to get both buyer and seller to closing.

If you deal directly with people it not only builds trust but gives the team a better communication base. Everyone will know that they can count on each other if they have a problem and can help each other through it.  In real estate its a contact sport,  its a team working together to get the job done.

Real Estate Sales is A Contact Sport

Building strong relationships with peers, service providers, buyers and sellers isn’t always easy. You’ve got to remember that people think differently. Don’t expect them to see things your way all the time. If they don’t agree with you, respect their point of view and try to find a way to work through your differences. And finally, try to be kind to your teammates. You’ve got to remember that the success  is directly impacted by the success of the team.

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