Friday, November 21, 2014

Welcome to Exit Beach Realty William "Doc" Phillps

Exit Beach Realty wants to welcome William "Doc" Phillps. 

William moved to Florida in 1956 to Pinellas Park and has a very diverse background. Attending over 40 schools related to his work in both the maritime industry as well as the real estate industry has helped him marry those careers, allowing Doc to provide much needed real estate advice to his maritime friends and colleagues. 

Doc's “team” approach in Real Estate keeps his clients up to date and always in the ready position when they are looking to buy, sell their homes or if they are looking for a good business or income opportunity.

William came to Exit Beach Realty to expand his resources and be able to better serve his clients. His primary goals are to be educated and professional in all he does. Armed with the newest information on the economy, short sales and bank foreclosures and working with the most progressive company around has positioned him to move quickly and professionally to help clients from all economic backgrounds.