Thursday, March 12, 2015

Real Estate School in Session - Real Estate Training Tips

There is so much to learn when working in real estate. Sure you go to real estate school to pass the State exam, but the sole purpose of the classes is to get you licensed. It is up to each individual agent to learn how to best serve their customer. Each agent is an independent contractor and legally the broker of the company can only enforce their company policies. Too stringent company policies could classify an agent as an employee.  The only thing an agent is required to do is find a broker to work with, become a member of the board and figure out where their customers are gonna come from.  For some agents it's hit or miss.  Just remember it's a fact that 20% of the agents make 80% of the money.

Real Estate School in Session - Real Estate Training Tips

Some people do not like social media, some do not like to text, maybe others may not want to connect on the internet. But let me break it down for you.

  • We all know that 92% of home buyers start their search online.  Is your site mobile friendly? If not, you will miss a large portion of the business.  50% of the 92% used a mobile app to search for homes online.  Test and see what your customers will see. If you would like to see the full report based on the 2014 NAR profile of  home buyers and sellers.
  • Most people work with agents who are easy to work with.  Doesn't it make sense to communicate with your customers in the manner in which they prefer?  I'm not talking about the legal documents.  I am talking about the daily communication that occurs during the home search period. Communication is the key to building relationships, don't be so set to call your customer when they prefer to text. 
  • Are you on a budget?  You know there are certain tools that you will need.  KNOW your mls. Take classes and really understand what your mls offers without wasting your marketing dollars.  Many agents spend money on things such as CMA software when in fact, your mls offers a similar tool.  Take a class and sit through some real estate training, chances are you will learn something new. 
  • Did you know that there is tremendous traffic on many 3rd party sites? For statistics, you can view the top real estate websites based on traffic and page ranking. Visit this website for information on various real estate websites. Not one of these sites are as accurate as having access to the mls.  But it's clear based on their traffic is where the consumer is. 
  • Contracts, listing agreements and addendum's. Know your documents. Every year there are changes that impact the real estate industry and consumers. Take a class or sit with a trainer and/or broker and understand each of these documents.  Buyers often lose deposits because the customer was not protected.   
  • Does your company offer marketing tools? At EXIT we have our own tools to market agents and real estate properties.  We have tools to attract buyers and home sellers.  If your company offers marketing tools use them. This is one of the easiest ways to brand and in many cases the most affordable. 
  • Commissions splits are important but not the most important thing.  Just remember if you are new and haven't sold anything.  90% of 0 is still zero.  If the broker doesn't provide certain services, your commission might be a lot smaller than you think.  

Many real estate companies offer the "standard" services. A desk, receptionist and a broker and provide very few services for their agents.  At EXIT Beach Realty we have expanded and are leveraging ourselves for extreme success with some remarkable tools and people.

2 Office Locations - Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach

Often when real estate companies do not make enough profit, there are cutbacks. Cutbacks that hurt the real estate agent.   Training, leads, marketing and personnel are the first to go.  All of these "cutbacks" hurt associates, productivity and morale.

IN-House Real Estate Trainer and Digital Marketing Team

We have experienced tremendous growth in the past year and we are not done yet! Our company now offers two office locations, an in-house real estate trainer and a digital marketing team!  Leads, inventory and experience are just a few benefits of Joining EXIT Beach Realty. For more information on our Company and what we can do for your career, contact Carol and/or Tom Blawn.  If you have the drive, we have plenty of opportunity for you!