Thursday, May 25, 2017

We Believe - Join EXIT Beach Realty

Owners Tom and Carol Blawn believe in the EXIT formula.  When you hear Carol talk about EXIT her face lights up, her posture improves and she is proud to be part of the EXIT system!

"The tools, the residuals and the brand itself is why we chose to become part of the EXIT family. I figured out a long time ago, if you chose another brand and decided to retire, your last commission check is just that. Your last commission check! When you bring agents in and are part of the EXIT formula, you can kick back, retire and still collect checks. NO other real estate company offers that benefit and it is huge."  

For more information on our Company and what we can do for your career, contact Carol and/or Tom Blawn. If you have the drive, we have plenty of opportunity for you. Come join our amazing team of award winning real estate agents! Now with three offices to better serve you. 

EXIT Beach Realty North: 386.441.1141
EXIT Beach Realty South: 386.310.4567
EXIT Beach Realty West:  386.218.4603